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Hesitant to Hire a Lawyer?

Several times in life we ask ourselves “should I hire an expert, or should I just DIY this?” Maybe it’s building a deck, fixing a car, or doing your taxes. There’s no one right answer and each situation requires careful consideration, but I’d like to respond to the common hurdles that I’ve seen people have […] Continue Reading

5 Questions: Interviewing a Respondent and Claimant COO

We’re all trying to grow as individuals in the different roles we encompass. This year, I’ve personally put a heavy focus on becoming a better Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) for FWI Legal. I’ve written about the importance of goals before and hinted at how critical paradigms are in achieving goals. Essentially, you must see the […] Continue Reading


How to Make Better Goals

I love creating goals. I love the philosophies behind setting goals. Some would even dare say… I’m annoying about it. That’s okay though, because it’s important enough to me that I’m willing to pester folks about the good word that is goal-making. This is a topic I’ve wanted to blog about for some time, but […] Continue Reading

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