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Nick is FWI Legal’s Law Clerk from the University of Colorado School of Law who specializes in personal injury and workers’ compensation.

Enjoying the outdoorsNick attends the University of Colorado School of Law. He will receive his Juris Doctorate in 2021. Prior to joining FWI Legal, Nick interned with the Colorado Public Defender’s Office, assisting attorneys with criminal law cases from pre-filing through appeals. Nick also interned with Colorado Legal Services, working primarily on debt collection defense and consumer bankruptcy filings.

At the law school, Nick mentors first-year students through the Women’s Law Caucus.

He also competes in the CU Law intra-student moot court competitions. Nick has volunteered his time as a judge in the Marshall Brennan Moot Court Competition.

Nick grew up in Parker, Colorado and has lived in Colorado for 20 years. He graduated from Regis University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in political studies and a minor in pre-law.

Living in Boulder, he enjoys getting out to the local breweries with his girlfriend Megan and hiking with his roommate’s dog, Madge.

Q & A with Nick Stofa:

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1. What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?

There are two experiences that have really stuck with me, one while at FWI Legal and one while at a previous employer. Early on at FWI Legal, I wrote a letter contesting the validity of a settlement offer given to a client only 72 hours after they were in a car collision. The settlement offer was far lower than what they deserved. The insurance company agreed the settlement was invalid based on case law and statutes I cited, and we were able to initiate negotiations for a higher offer. It made me happy to know that I was helping someone get the money they needed to cover their medical expenses and other damages after a collision.

While with Colorado Legal Services, I was able to help an elderly client get a loan to remodel her bathroom. She was initially unable to get the loan because a deed of trust had not been released on her home. After weeks of going back and forth with the bank, I was able to get her the loan right before Christmas. Hearing how happy she was made me feel really good.

2. Why personal injury and workers’ compensation?

Access to justice is critical in a world where legal assistance increasingly is offered only to the highest bidders. Providing access to quality legal counsel to everyone who needs it is my passion, and I can do just that at FWI Legal because of the contingency fee model. Everyone deserves access to quality legal assistance.

3. When you’re not at work or law school, what do you do?

I really enjoy going out to Pearl St. in Boulder to one of the local spots for happy hour. My girlfriend and I also get brunch together every Saturday to catch up on the week’s craziness. I also play online strategy games, my favorite being Age of Empires II. The mix of history and chess-like strategy coupled with multiplayer functionality makes a really fun experience and keeps my legal brain working hard! Other than those things, I love playing with my roommate’s dog, Madge, to whom I have become second doggy dad.


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