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Nicole Morrison

Nicole is FWI Legal’s Lead Supervising Paralegal who specializes in personal injury litigation and pre-litigation


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Nicole’s Story

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Nicole is a science nerd who was born and raised in a small Texas town where she was active in sports and other school clubs. She attended Texas Tech University (“TTU”) in Lubbock, Texas where she received her Bachelor of Science. While at TTU, Nicole majored in biology with a minor in chemistry. She continued her education at TTU’s Institute of Forensic Science and received a Master of Science in Forensic Science. While attending school for her Master’s degree, Nicole began her career as a litigation paralegal for a local Texas personal injury and workers compensation attorney.

UOPZJ2HRDVxtHPEohD65After Nicole graduated, she moved to Denver, Colorado and accepted a pre-litigation personal injury paralegal position for The Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya, LLC in 2016. While working there, she had the pleasure of working with FWI Legal’s Partners Brianne, Vinny, and Jerrod, and assisted injured clients with their claims. After a little over a year, she moved back to Texas and again worked full-time for her previous law firm in Lubbock. Prior to joining the FWI Legal team, Nicole gained 7 years of pre-litigation and litigation experience in both personal injury and workers’ compensation law. Nicole is FWI Legal’s Lead Supervising Paralegal who specializes in personal injury litigation and pre-litigation.

Nicole met her husband Glen while attending college at TTU. They enjoy traveling around the world experiencing different cultures and people. She has traveled to Australia, Belize, Guatemala, Canada, and Mexico. She also enjoys exercising, hiking, camping, road tripping, watching sports, spending time with family and friends, and quality time with her two dogs, Banjo and Gypsy.

Q & A with Nicole Morrison:

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1. How does your Master of Science Degree in Forensic Science help you with your legal work and set you apart as a paralegal?

While attending my Master’s program, I became curious on how the legal department played a role in forensics and instead of taking legal classes I left my job at a pathology lab and began working as a paralegal to get hands-on experience. With the knowledge I was building from my classes in science and forensics, I was able to assist the attorneys in building their cases by comprehending and explaining the medical, toxicology, autopsy, and incident reports. My knowledge of forensic science allows me to assist attorneys in locating, interpreting, and analyzing key evidence in personal injury cases and clients’ medical records and identifying major factors in our cases.

2. What made you decide to work for FWI Legal?

rU6U3wla4H9bKTeXToeM e1604430053304I had firsthand experience working with the FWI Partners previously in my career, and I knew they were hard-working attorneys who truly cared about helping their clients get the justice they deserve. They have built a firm that puts the clients’ needs above all else and go above and beyond to fight for each client. The FWI Partners have also built a team atmosphere, with a focus on working together and being a family, whether you are an employee or client. My decision to join the FWI Legal Team was the easiest decision I have ever made because they have modernized the way attorneys and clients work together to achieve justice. Also, FWI Legal offers a great work-life balance culture that shows they value each employee and have created not only a business but a family. It truly is a unique and special way of doing business and it works profoundly well.

Nicole3. What do you value most about being a personal injury paralegal?

As a personal injury paralegal, I value the relationships that I have built with clients the most. I have met many injured clients whose lives were impacted in a blink of an eye and it turned their worlds upside down. Each client has their own story, and I have cried, laughed, and rejoiced with clients through their difficult and joyous times. I enjoy helping clients and being a part of their journey to rebuild their lives and seek justice.

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