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Andrew Bedell is an associate attorney at FWI Legal practicing personal injury law.

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andrew bedell

Andrew Bedell is an associate attorney at FWI Legal practicing personal injury law. He was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, but obtained his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University. After college, Andrew got his first taste of helping injured persons while working as a legal assistant in a Greeley workers’ compensation firm. Witnessing injured workers who were suddenly taken out of the workforce obtain medical treatment and lost wages cemented his desire to practice law. This area of law left quite an impression upon Andrew concerning to what degree insurance companies stack the deck in their favor – but also showed the range and value of benefits that can be obtained by legal advocates.

andrew coupleAndrew then sought adventure in Nebraska and enrolled in the Creighton Law School, where he discovered his passion for litigation. Andrew qualified for Creighton’s National Trial Team and competed against other law schools by putting on mock trials to real members of the judiciary. His practice and attention to detail helped his team advance to the semifinals of that year’s Regional Tournament.

Andrew’s affinity for litigation quickly spread from mock trials with fake names to living persons with legal needs when he enrolled in Creighton’s legal clinic. The clinic served indigent members of the Omaha community with their legal needs, including estate planning, landlord-tenant, and domestic relations. In May of 2021, Andrew was recognized by Nebraska State Bar Association for his pro bono efforts, and was awarded the 2023 “Rise” Award – presented to law students demonstrating a commitment to pro bono services.

Drew 148993 webUpon admission to the Colorado Bar, Andrew practiced personal injury, family law, and estate planning at his former law firm, Law One. He started at FWI Legal in March of 2023 and has loved every moment since. Andrew provides clients with available choices and consequences, and makes recommendations based on their stated goals. He prides himself on being able to explain legal issues plainly and will speak at length to ensure his clients can make informed decisions. It is not lost upon him that some of the stress behind lawsuits can arise from the unknowns, and Andrew does not hesitate to remove the fog of uncertainty by explaining the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

To help connect the community of newer lawyers in Denver, Andrew serves as a member of the Executive Council of the Denver Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division. The council serves newer lawyers by providing networking, social, and Continuing Legal Education opportunities in and around Denver.

Andrew loves seeing live comedy, of which Colorado has no shortage! You can catch him at Comedy Works or the Paramount Theater. He is also an avid golfer, with triple digit scores that golf course staff members still talk about.

andrew cyclingQ & A:

1. I’ve never seen your face on a billboard. What makes you different from the big lawyers I see on the interstate?

I’m different because I don’t cultivate relationships and practice law the same way that billboard lawyers do. I want to be remembered for the service I offer and the respect I show people, not the catchiest jingle I can think of. I’m different because I am a genuine person who practices professionally.

2. What’s it like going to court? Do you enjoy it?

Love it. Usually, by the time the trial comes around, the parties have investigated, negotiated, exchanged documentation, and sharpened their legal theories. The initial questions that arose at the beginning have largely been answered, and those that haven’t likely will be answered in court. It can be labor intensive, but it’s extremely gratifying to reveal the truth and see hard work pay off! The thrill is not easily replicated!

3. What’s the best lawyer joke you’ve heard before?

“Gosh, it’s so cold out, all the lawyers have their hands in their own pockets!”

4. Since you’d never post legal advice on the company website, what’s the best non-legal advice you can give?

When negotiating on the phone, try to be eating a banana at all times. The amplified noise of eating a banana in ones’ earpiece makes it very difficult to think critically, and makes continued negotiations at a later date a very unpleasant idea, creating an incentive to give in to your demands!

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