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Anna Gibb 79123 webAnna was born and raised in the Deep South and has always had a passion for helping others, the outdoors, and animals. Anna was raised in a large family and is known for her bubbly and loquacious personality. She is a go-getter and hard worker who doesn’t allow small obstacles to keep her from dreams and goals. Anna was obtaining her degree in the medical field at Augusta University; however, she had to take leave from school due to an accident that caused a severe broken bone and infection leading to a skin graft; thus, she understands personal injury matters well due to her own personal experience. She plans to continue school in the justice field.

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Anna began her legal career as a Legal Assistant in Augusta, GA at Claeys, McElroy-Magruder, and Kitchens where she worked for three years. Anna’s professional experience involved assisting attorneys, providing customer service to clients, and managing all paper and electronic case files. She was responsible for the administrative components of Family Law, Bankruptcy, and Personal Injury including maintaining open and clear lines of communication between clients and their attorneys, providing in depth attention to each case so clients always felt attended to, providing transparency and clarity in billing and financial components of the legal process, and organizing all electronic and paper case files for quick and accurate reference. These past legal roles have already contributed to her position at FWI Legal by allowing her to jump right in and make the transition to her new job seamless.

Anna group e1629298822120Anna’s favorite part of working with FWI legal is helping clients get as close as possible to how they were the day before their personal injury incidents. She is honored to assist her clients with their fears and uncertainties and strives to leave them with a confident understanding of their situation and how FWI legal can serve their needs.

In her free time, Anna loves to play video games, read, and explore the outdoors with her longtime boyfriend and dogs. Anna is a proud doggie mother of two beautiful Labradors MaryJane and Bella and one Lovely Lizard Reptar. She is a horror movie buff and enthusiast of all things magical.

Q & A to Anna:Anna Dogs

1. What made you decide to work for FWI Legal?

Through my own accident and injury recovery, I learned how difficult it can be to get assistance to help get you back to feeling as comfortable as possible. I am proud to work with a firm who cares for its clients’ well-being and I value being able to assist clients using my knowledge and the experience I gained from being injured and going through years of injury recovery.

Anna Gibb 91109110 web2. What made you want to make Colorado your home?

My boyfriend and I have been coming to Colorado since 2017 and instantly fell in love with the mountains and general vibes of the Colorado lifestyle. Being from the south, we were eager to experience a different setting and more importantly the lack of HUMIDITY.

3. What made you decide to become a paralegal?

My own experience with a permanent personal injury made me want to get out and assist others going through similar matters. I have always had an interest in the legal field so it was an easy decision and the field is a perfect match for me.

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