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10 Important “Soft Skills” for New Legal-Field Workers -   I’ve often had people ask me what the hardest part about being in the legal field is. I’ve thought about this a lot because it coincides with my desire to be the best attorney I can.   I’ll first start by summarizing the difference between “hard” and “soft” skills. I think of hard skills […]
When Injured Workers Don’t Hire Attorneys, Here Are 3 Big Mistakes They Make -   Injured workers who are not represented by attorneys are known as “pro se” claimants. These are the folks who have chosen to not hire an attorney and instead are trying to manage a case on their own.   There are situations where this makes sense. For example, I don’t generally see a need for […]
One Perspective on Dealing with the COVID-19 Virus - We’re all living through a period in history that most of us have never experienced before. With that comes a variety of opinions, stories, and changes to day-to-day life; here are a few of my personal highlights.   Work: Around the first of March, we started cleaning and sanitizing around the office more than usual. […]
What Should Go in My Personal Injury Journal for FWI Legal? - If you intend to make a personal injury claim, it’s only natural to have questions about your case and the proceedings. What kinds of damages can I pursue? What types of evidence will I have to compile? What can I do to strengthen my claim? We will go over the full process in our free […]

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- Destiny Still -

“I have had an excellent experience and would highly recommend working with this team. My injury fell under the heading of both WC and PI. I was unsure about seeking a lawyer at all, but was put in contact with this law firm through a personal connection as a way to learn more. Both Mrs. Falgien and Mr. Warr came to our house to walk us through what our options were. I sincerely appreciated them taking the time to do this, especially since I was dealing with quite a bit of pain from my injury and getting in a car was difficult. I didn’t feel pressure from them to move forward, but just felt like I was getting lots of good information so I could make an informed decision. I’m very glad we decided to work with this team. They were quick to respond, readily available and always took the time to make sure I understood everything that was happening as things progressed. My WC claim has been settled and I am very happy with the outcome. My PI claim is still in progress but I continue to be happy with the service and communication.” – Google

- Rachel Sinclair -

“Mr Warr is a very good WC atterney. He knows what he is doing well. It’s weird when you get hurt at work because the employer tried to put the blame on you. I’m just very lucky to have meet the FWI team because they know what they are doing. I would tell all of them thank you for the amazing job you did for me and for being so understanding and helpful” – Google

- Zach Praska -

“When I first met Jerrod it was regarding a workman’s comp case, I was a little nervous because I was new about what to ask or say, but he made me feel at ease no question was stupid so I became comfortable talking with him an even when I had a question 3 days later he had the same attitude, he never once rushed me to hurry up an say whatever it was I wanted to know, he always had patience with me an what I would like for it to be known that having Jerrod on your side he’s not just your attorney but a true friend who really does care. Peace and Blessings” – Avvo

- Christaleen -

– Google

- Michael Tracy -

“I had a difficult case going against a big company. My lawyer, Brianne, at FWI law firm never gave up and after two years I won. It took a lot of legal know how, tenacity and professional aggressiveness. Brianne was in constant contact with me over the years and kept me informed of the status of my case. It is tough being a victim. To know you have someone on your side and believing in you is everything. Their law firm doesn’t spend a lot of their money on TV ads like some lawyers, they just get the job done!” – Google

- Pamela Mead -

“I recently had a workman’s comp (WC) question I needed an answer to. I conversed with Jerrod Warr and he took the time out of his very busy day and answer my question. Every other law firm I talked to wanted $ upfront even to answer one question. Even though I didn’t need legal representation Jerrod took the time to talk about my WC and asked follow up questions to further the understanding for both of us. He directed me in the correct course of action. If I ever am in the need to hire FWL for legal concerns this is the only law firm I would hire. Jerrod was an excellent listener and communicator who actually wanted to assist me in understanding in the ‘ins and outs’ of my situation.” – Google

- Rick Pike -

“I am extremely grateful for the relationship I have built with Jerrod and this firm. They are professional, responsive, and honest. I never felt pressured and my best interest was always their primary concern. I would highly recommend seeking their advice for any legal concerns you may have.” – Google

- Jenny Bearden -

“I was referred to Mr Jerrod G. Ward by a Doctor. My experience with Jerrod was a pleasant one. I especially felt comfortable with meeting with him, because he was able to communicate and inform me of the process of my case as it was going to work. Very patient and informative. And I was very happy with the outcome of my case” – Google

- Ramon Gonzalez -

“Jerrod and his assistant, Jess, were incredibly helpful as they assisted me through the process of obtaining a settlement from my work related injury. In the end, I was extremely pleased with the amount and terms of my settlement.” – Google

- Annie Puckett -

This is a really amazing small firm! I worked with Jerrod for my Workers comp case and he has been amazing the whole process and it has relieved a bunch of stress! I highly recommend this firm if you have a Workers comp case! Jerrod has answered any question I’ve had and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I was worried about the communication but with this firm I was extremely satisfied with the customer service! Thank you so much for everything Jerrod! – Google

- Dylan Bertoldo -

“Amazing customer service! Very caring! Mr.Warr was amazing! I felt like a person not a number! Very quick response EVERYTIME!” – Google

- Chris Lewis -

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