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When Injured Workers Don’t Hire Attorneys, Here Are 3 Big Mistakes They Make -   Injured workers who are not represented by attorneys are known as “pro se” claimants. These are the folks who have chosen to not hire an attorney and instead are trying to manage a case on their own.   There are situations where this makes sense. For example, I don’t generally see a need for […]
One Perspective on Dealing with the COVID-19 Virus - We’re all living through a period in history that most of us have never experienced before. With that comes a variety of opinions, stories, and changes to day-to-day life; here are a few of my personal highlights.   Work: Around the first of March, we started cleaning and sanitizing around the office more than usual. […]
What Should Go in My Personal Injury Journal for FWI Legal? - If you intend to make a personal injury claim, it’s only natural to have questions about your case and the proceedings. What kinds of damages can I pursue? What types of evidence will I have to compile? What can I do to strengthen my claim? We will go over the full process in our free […]
Creating Culture at FWI - Culture is critical to a company’s long-term viability. That’s of course no secret; search “business culture” on Amazon and you’ll get over 30,000 hits. It’s often easier said than done though, as I’m sure we’ve all been at jobs where there’s a toxic vibe in the air and employees don’t feel they’re appropriately valued. I’ll […]

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“Brianne was very conscientious and dedicated to getting every detail in my case. My work related auto accident left me permanently, partially disabled and unable to continue my only known career. Brianne uncovered all the details required to get me a satisfactory settlement which covered all my past medical bills and allowed me and my family to get on with our lives.”  –

- Dave -

“I was in a car accident in 2012 and had been in seemingly countless surgeries to get my pain under control. After almost four years of dealing with my health, Brianne set up a mediation for my case and I never had to go to court.

Brianne was amazing – she did not stop until she was satisfied with getting me the highest settlement possible. I was surprised to say the least on how far she would go to get me the most I could get for my pain and suffering.

I will most likely never be back at 100% but Brianne helped get me enough for peace of mind and to help me and my family continue with our lives.”  –

- Anonymous Client -

“Brianne was terrific during our time working with her. She was always responsive to our requests and truly put our needs first. We were thrilled with our experience and she ensured we received everything we were looking for throughout our process.”  –

- anonymous, from Avvo -

“Brianne is a smart, aggressive personal injury attorney. She was very personable and trustworthy throughout the entire case.”  –

- Danetta from Arvada -

“For two years following my automobile accident, I was trying to deal fairly, on my own, with the insurance company so I could just get relief from the pain that ensued after the auto accident. But, as time marched on and it was clear we were getting nowhere, it was necessary to engage an attorney because my case became very complex and the insurance company was unresponsive. Brianne was so knowledgeable of the law, and took the time thoroughly research all angles of my case. I found her to be very responsive and very supportive during this very stressful time of my life. I was amazed at the manner in which she so skillfully negotiated with the insurance companies that were involved in my case. And, because of Brianne’s knowledge, experience and tenacity, we were able to settle my case.”  –

- Deb from Littleton -

“Brianne is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field. She is supportive, yet knows how to push when need it. Brianne has helped me reached my final settlement successfully. Team Dianne Sawaya has continued to support me during this desperate times.”  –

- Gabriela M -

“Brianne was terrific during our time working with her. She was always responsive to our requests and truly put our needs first. We were thrilled with our experience and she ensured we received everything we were looking for throughout our process.”  –

- A client from Denver -

“Brianne’s experience and knowledge regarding personal injury cases made my experience with her enjoyable and easy to follow. She takes each case on with determination and compassion. Brianne fought for what I deserved and never once did I feel pressured to make a decision I was uncomfortable with. She is truly the best at what she does.”  –

- Meagan -

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