Jerrod Warr

Jerrod Warr is the workers’ compensation guru at FWI. He was first drawn to the legal field after serving as a member of the Idaho State University Debate Team.

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Jerrod Warr is the workers’ compensation guru at FWI.

Jerrod Warr

He was first drawn to the legal field after serving as a member of the Idaho State University Debate Team. During that time, he traveled across the country
to multiple tournaments and won awards for his research and persuasive skills as a member of the team. The comradery, competition, and success he experienced behind the podium propelled him into law school at Michigan State University. At MSU, he was accepted to be part of a small group of students to work at the Indigenous Law & Policy Center, one of only a few programs like it in the country. That program focused on strengthening tribal sovereignty for members; while engaged in that work, he realized he wanted to represent individuals in need.

Jerrod has years of experience working on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases in well-known Colorado law firms. Prior to opening FWI, he created the workers’ compensation department at The Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya, LLC and successfully ran the department for approximately 5 years, resolving countless matters for injured workers.

Helping people has been his main focus throughout his career; he enjoys working with the clients and earning positive results in settlements and court decisions where they have been injured on the job. He empathizes with his clients who have been injured and are experiencing difficulty working and earning wages. The complexity of the workers’ compensation system can be overwhelming and he knows how to maneuver it and relieve stress and worry from his clients.

Jerrod is an active member of the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Education Association, which keeps him cutting-edge on all workers’ compensation rules and case strategy. In 2017 and 2018, Jerrod was selected as one of the “10 Best” workers’ compensation attorneys by the American Institute of Legal Counsel.

In 2018, Jerrod was chosen as one of Colorado’s top 40 litigation attorneys under 40 by The American Society of Legal Advocates and by The National Trial Lawyers.

When he’s not busy representing injured individuals, you can find him around the town with his wife Emilie and their two sons. He also finds time to play intramural sports, snowboard, play an array of board games, and cycle. He’s an avid sports spectator, always cheering on the Buffalo Bills, MSU Spartans, Washington Nationals, Detroit Red Wings, and the Denver Nuggets. He loves the creative process as well, having written and published the books titled The Legendary Tribune 1 & 2 and designed and created the board game The Bermuda Crisis. Make sure he shows you a magic trick also, since he’s been a performing magician since his youth. If you enjoy speaking French, feel free to start a conversation with this Eagle Scout. He is a partner at FWI, and focuses his practice on Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury claims in Colorado. If you’ve been injured on the job, contact Jerrod and his team today.

Q & A to Jerrod:

1. Can you describe a case where you made a big difference?

I had a very rewarding workers’ compensation case where they denied just about everything over the course of a couple years – compensability, treatment, reimbursements, wages… we got it all turned around and got her a settlement which gave her the money to dictate her own care and treatment.

2. What should clients look for when hiring an attorney?

Someone who specializes in the area of law they need and who knows how to handle their case from that first intake all the way through court appearances and trial.

3. What information will you provide in a free consultation?

How the workers’ compensation system works from start to finish and a roadmap of where FWI can help their case specifically.

4. What information can a prospective client provide in an initial consultation?

What stage of the claim the client is in and the details surrounding their medical treatment.

5. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Helping people through difficult times and being their advocate in a confusing and often overwhelming legal system.

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