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“Exceptional. Has been more helpful than I ever could have hoped with a variety of issues. Thank you!”  – Facebook

- Jason Hargreaves -

“I’ve been a client with the law offices of Diane for a little over three years and they have done a amazing job. Sarah and Vinod Kumar were a pleasure to work with. They show great compassion, patience and care for their clients and any questions or concerns I had were addressed immediately. The insurance company only wanted to give me 30,000. Instead I was able to get 94,000 plus my uninsured motorist. If you want a law office that is persistent and will fight for you; I Highly recommend the Law Offices of Diane. Thank you Diane and your team for your dedication and hard work. I appreciate everything you have done for me and I wish you all the best.”  – Avvo.com

- Racael -

“I appreciate Jerrod Warr’s excellent work in my case. He was straightforward and kept me informed throughout the entire multi-year process. Telephone and email communications were very timely. He’s very good at walking you through a difficult and confusing process.
I am grateful for Jerrod’s assistance and highly recommend him.” – Avvo.com

- Todd -

“Jerrod handled my worker’s comp case. I wasn’t even sure that my case would compensate me after I had reviewed my case with 2 other lawyers before Jerrod and his firm. Jerrod actually listened and looked through all of my paperwork and listened to my situation unlike the other 2 lawyer that I had spoke to before him. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely go with Jerrod from the start! So needless to say, I did get compensated for my claim all due to the work of Jerrod and Dianne Sawaya’s Firm. Call their firm FIRST before any other lawyer!!!”  – Avvo.com

- Derek -

“Jerrod does an excellent job of keeping the client informed and managing expectations. He does not promise more than he can deliver and does a great job of explaining what is going on in the case. Very prompt in returning calls and very easy to deal with.”  – Avvo.com

- Scott -

“Jerrod was very easy to talk with, he made me feel comfortable from the beginning. He was very prompt with any information and I felt he had my best interest in mind. In my case the staff did make a couple mistakes with my mailing address on the payments, one time the address was partially omitted but thankfully my postman knew who the letter went to and delivered it. The other time the numbers were wrong, again my postman helped me out. All in all I was happy with the service from Jerrod and I would recommend him to friends and family.”  – Avvo.com

- Tammy Rothe -

“Jerrod did a great job for me with my shoulder injury Work Comp claim. he and his associates kept in close contact with me throughout the process. He was very friendly and professional. he truly seemed concerned for my well being. I would definitely recommend his services for anyone needing an attorney. Throughout multiple stages, Jerrod let me know what was happening and what the possible outcomes were. By the end of the process I truly believe he had done all he could do to achieve the best outcome for me. He also helped set understand that further incident could reopen the claim should I be re-injured.”  – Avvo.com

- Mel -

“Jerrod Warr impressed me from our first meeting. He has helped me navigate the very complicated world of worker’comp. I am more than confident in his legal abilities. Rebecca Larsen, his paralegal, is also extremely helpful and compassionate. Together they are a good team!”  – Avvo.com

- MR -

“Jerrod Warr and Rebecca Larsen have been my only comfort in this long battle with a workmans comp claim. On countless occasions I have had to call them for help and they have always come threw. Im still caught in this seemingly never ending battle but I know these two have my back and that is the only comfort Ive had since this all began.”  – Avvo.com

- Michael -

“Jerrod and Rebecca were on their game with my case. The insurance company tried to scare me with a false claim of insurance fraud and Jerrod would not have any of it. We settled and now I’m on the next stage of my treatment. I highly recommend Jerrod and Rebecca.”  – Avvo.com

- Edward -

“Work comp cases are difficult. Without Jared and Rebecca I would have been lost. They did a great job of explaining the process to me keeping me and keeping me informed. Always had the answers to my questions keeping stress levels low .”  – Avvo.com

- Anonymous Client -

“I was injured at work. I called Jerrod and he took over and got things done. He took the worry away and he made sure I was taken care of. His team was great to work with and they were very informative. If I had a question, they would get an answer for me as soon as possible.”  – Avvo.com

- Adam -

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