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When Injured Workers Don’t Hire Attorneys, Here Are 3 Big Mistakes They Make -   Injured workers who are not represented by attorneys are known as “pro se” claimants. These are the folks who have chosen to not hire an attorney and instead are trying to manage a case on their own.   There are situations where this makes sense. For example, I don’t generally see a need for […]
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Creating Culture at FWI - Culture is critical to a company’s long-term viability. That’s of course no secret; search “business culture” on Amazon and you’ll get over 30,000 hits. It’s often easier said than done though, as I’m sure we’ve all been at jobs where there’s a toxic vibe in the air and employees don’t feel they’re appropriately valued. I’ll […]

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“We’re so grateful to have such professional and real people help us with our auto accident claim. It was a very stressful situation and they treated us like friends and explained things in terms we could understand. I highly recommend them to anyone. They know what they’re doing and went above and beyond and even put up with my emotional meltdowns when dealing with pain. I can’t thank them enough. They have integrity and honesty which is very important to my husband and I. Thank you to the team!” – Google

- The Lasiters -

“Jerrod Warr was recommended to me by a lawyer in another specialty who thought Jerrod would be the best advocate for my case and that lawyer could not have been more correct! I was terrified going up against one of the largest corporations in the world for my workman’s compensation case but Jerrod and his team kept me at ease from day one! On top of being extremely knowledgeable and optimistic, Jerrod was so diligent in regards to always responding to my emails and calls within a reasonable time, keeping me informed throughout the process and making sure I always felt supported despite what a huge company I was going up against. I went in with very little expectations, ( I just wanted adequate care for my broken ankle) but I came out with everything I actually deserved. I would highly recommend Jerrod and his team to anyone who needs help navigating the complicated and confusing workman’s compensation system. My gratitude to Jerrod can not possibly be expressed in so few words but I am forever thankful that he was the one who helped me finally get the care I needed and put this all behind me.” – Google

- Victoria -

Words cannot express how enormously grateful I am that Brianne Falgien and FWI successfully represented me for my personal auto injury case. I give them the highest possible recommendation, without any reservations!

I hired FWI after a prominent Denver personal injury/WC law firm, who had represented me for my personal auto injury case for over 3 years, was unable to negotiate a settlement. Brianne and FWI took over my case when I felt it was hopeless that it would ever be settled without having to file a lawsuit or go to trial. Because of Brianne’s extensive knowledge and experience, she was able to successfully settle my auto injury case without having to file a lawsuit or go to trial and she obtained the highest settlement allowable. My case was extremely complicated, involving six insurance companies, including Medicare, and I had an enormous number of medical bills. Brianne skillfully negotiated with the insurance companies and worked tirelessly to make sure my medical bills were paid. I am extremely impressed with FWI’s ability to settle exceedingly complex cases. Brianne and her staff surpassed all my expectations!

FWI is special because of the “personal touch” they provide to their clients. I was not just another “case” for them; I was a real person who they cared about. Brianne and the FWI staff were available to speak with me any time and kept me updated about my case. They explained my complicated case and the legal process in terms I could easily understand. I always knew I was in good hands. They were such a pleasure to work with and are some of the nicest, compassionate, sincere and honest people you will ever have the opportunity to meet.

I strongly encourage you to talk to FWI about your case. FWI is an outstanding, extremely experienced and effective law firm who does put your needs first and will make the process as easy for you as possible. They are exceptional at negotiating with insurance companies and will obtain the best possible settlement. I am tremendously fortunate that they represented my extremely complicated case. I really hope you choose FWI to represent you; you will be incredibly happy with your choice! – Google

- Terri -

“Worked with Vinny Iyer for two years in the same office handling IRS tax defense cases. I knew him to only provide the highest quality and diligent representation for his clients. He is a fighter. Would strongly recommend any firm he is associated with.” – Google

- Thomas Conradtt -

“Falgien Warr& Iyer was very knowable, professional, and aggressive as they worked together on my Uncle’s personal injury case. I’m very impressed with this Law Firm…” – Google

- Heikmo Edward -

 – Google

- Jennifer Ryan -

“Falgien Warr & Iyer provided me with a highly competent and capable legal team for my Workmen’s Compensation claim. I particularly valued Mr. Warr’s expertise and professionalism, as well as his timely responses to my concerns and communications. I am appreciative of the expedient resolution to my case and am very pleased with my decision to retain Mr. Warr.” – Google

- Lisa Mack -

 – Google

- Keleigh Grosso -

“I was in a workman’s comp incident that lead me to seek Mr. Warr for legal representation. I had never been involved in any type of litigation until this accident. I was beyond nervous and naive about the process. My intention going into this was never to be vindictive towards my company for what happened nor towards the insurance company. All I asked was to be treated fairly and or the other side to understand that this was a serious incident. Mr. Warr respected that. Mr. Warr and his team were awesome!!! He made sure we understood the entire process and answered all of our questions. If I emailed or called him/his staff, they responded promptly. They never once made me feel like I had “dumb” questions. And I never felt “rushed” when we met in person, Mr. Warr would take all the time I felt I needed to understand where the case currently was at that time. Every step of the process was explained honestly and in detail. I know if I didn’t have Mr. Warr in our corner I would not have even come close to being satisfied with the outcome. I hope to never have to go through anything like this again, but if I do, Mr. Warr will be the first I call. I have expressed to family and friends that Falgien Warr & Iyer, P.C. is definitely the law firm they should call if the need arises. Thank you sincerely for being there when me when I needed legal guidance.”– Avvo

- Melissa -

“Jerrod Warr was a beacon of hope to me at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Not only was he able to defend me, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered more emotional support then I can ever ask for. I am eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr. Warr without reservation.” – Google

- Melissa Van Gorder -

“I would highly suggest falgien Warr & Iyer for your workers compensation legal matter. I was truly lucky to have met them. I spoke with lawyers that did not want to take the case because it was to small and not worth their time. I spoke with Mr. Warr directly, I felt he took a one on one approach with me and the case. I was always in direct contact with him and he spent time explaining all the steps of the way. The Flagien warr & Iyer team helped me with my case, and worked out the details with my employer for a year. Mr.Warr was truly a professional when it came to communicating with me. Mr. Warr was very personable and focused on explaining everything that was happening throughout the whole case. I never worked with a paralegal or an assistant. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family that are in an unfortunate legal dispute with their employer for workers compensation.

Thank you again, your team is fantastic!” – Google

- P N -

 – Google

- KC Chirrick -

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