Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is insurance that covers employees in the event of an injury or job-related illness. In many cases, an injured worker can receive benefits regardless of the type of accident or whether they were at fault.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

If you have been injured on the job in Colorado or while engaging in work-related activities, you are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. FWI will help you through the stress of administrative hearings, complicated and never-ending paperwork, deadlines, and legal challenges so you aren’t on your own. The system is complex and you need to focus on regaining your health. It’s important to work with an experienced Colorado workers’ compensation attorney. At FWI, we’ll protect your rights and maximize your wages, medical treatment, and compensation.

Why Do I Need A Work Comp Lawyer?

The Colorado workers’ compensation system is full of complicated rules and deadlines.

FWI will be able to explain your rights and make sure the rules and deadlines are complied with so your claim isn’t affected or closed without your permission. Once a case is closed, re-opening a case can be very hard.

There are instances when insurance companies deny claims.

They might assert that your injury is not work related or they may deny certain medical treatment. When this happens, you could find yourself in a tough economic situation with no money coming in and expenses mounting. Fortunately, FWI can help you fight the denials and fight for your rights at an administrative hearing.

The insurance company may try to say that you are not an “employee.”

Some businesses try to get around the cost of workers’ compensation insurance by paying cash or claiming you’re an independent contractor. They claim you work for yourself and not them. In many cases, that is not true. If a supervisor gives you direction and has control over things such as hours, wages, and responsibilities, chances are you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, and FWI can fight to get you classified as an employee so you can obtain these benefits.

You will be at a disadvantage not understanding the law,

especially if the insurance company wants to deny your medical treatment, miscalculate your average weekly wage in order to pay you less in wage benefits, and close your case. FWI will have your back.

What Benefits Can I Get?


Emergency, hospital, surgical, and other medical bills, physical therapy and other rehabilitation costs, medication, and medical equipment that your doctor determines is necessary.


66 2/3 percent of your average weekly wage while your doctor determines you are unable to work.


After you have completed the majority of your medical treatment, you may be given an impairment rating. Your impairment rating, among other factors, will determine what money you will receive for your disability. FWI will review your impairment rating and opinions concerning your disability and determine how to prevent your case from closing too prematurely and will help maximize the amount of compensation you receive for your disability. There are deadlines that must be followed and if you don’t know the workers’ compensation system and how to object, your case can close, and you can be leaving compensation on the table.

Death Benefits

FWI helps families who are affected by unfortunate workplace death injuries. FWI can help families obtain compensation, as well as funeral expenses and burial expenses.


FWI may also be able to negotiate a final settlement for you in order to maximize your recovery.

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