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Catie Kleindl is FWI’s Office Administrator and Personal Injury Paralegal

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Catie’s Story

Catie received her undergraduate degree at Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota in Legal Studies and Criminology in addition to completing her paralegal certificate. Catie plans to attend law school beginning in fall 2020.

Prior to her undergraduate schooling, Catie lived in central Minnesota where she was a competitive swimmer, talented clarinetist, and very involved with her school’s sign language program. Catie continued her love for the clarinet throughout college and through her move to Colorado; she has been playing for over 13 years and is classically trained, but dabbles in jazz studies as well. During her time at Hamline University, she enjoyed being active in many campus organizations, holding multiple legal internships, and working as a student leader in various departments. Throughout her undergraduate schooling, Catie found a love for running that has carried over to her daily life.

Catie moved to Colorado in August of 2018 to pursue job opportunities, enjoy the change of scenery, and experience a mild winter for the first time. While the weather has been a true highlight for Catie, the endless amount of hiking and running opportunities are what make living in Colorado so special to her. She has been able to travel all over the state and is excited to continue exploring!

Catie started at FWI as a personal injury paralegal. However, due to her leadership and ability to excel in her job duties, she was promoted to office administrator in 2019. Catie provides excellent customer service to her personal injury clients and excels at research, investigation, problem-solving, and legal writing.

In her free time, Catie loves to play with her dog Franky. She tries to find as many new dog parks as possible. Also, her love of running has translated into frequent races throughout the state. Recently, Catie completed her first half marathon and is excited to compete in other races soon! Catie also loves to attend baseball games when she can. While the Minnesota Twins will always have a special place in her heart, she is learning to love the Rockies as well.




Q & A to Catie:

1. What made you decide to become a paralegal?

I have known I was interested in law since the sixth grade when I watched Legally Blonde for the first time. Pairing my love for Elle Woods and my passion for helping people, it seemed like a perfect fit; my interest and passion never faded. Fast forward to undergrad, and I found my successes in legal writing and research. This, and the program that my university offered, helped to shape my interest in being involved in the legal field. The fact that I get to assist great people in helping other great people, is something that makes me feel amazing. I plan on attending law school in 2020 to further my legal education and obtain my J.D. I cannot wait to be an attorney and continue my passion of fighting for the amazing people in Colorado!

2. What made you decide to work for FWI?

When I moved to Colorado, FWI stood out to me as a great potential place to grow and help others. The small firm feel is something that is really important to me; I love being able to have a connection with each client and the attorneys. Immediately, upon walking into FWI, you feel welcomed and heard – not like a case number – everyone here values each and every client and works hard to ensure they receive the outcome they are striving for. FWI has truly become a home away from home for me; I am grateful to be able to be a part of this family!

3. What made you want to make Colorado your home?

I knew I wanted to move out of Minnesota when I finished my undergraduate schooling, but I was not sure where I wanted to go. I had a few places in mind, and reached out to those around me who had been to the different states and ultimately decided that Colorado was the best fit for my lifestyle. I love to be outdoors to camp, hike, run, and swim, and the beautiful scenery here is never at a shortage. Colorado seemed like the perfect place for me and my family.

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