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Carrie Richardson Records ParalegalCarrie is currently attending Front Range Community College for an Associate Degree in Applied Science, specifically within the school’s Paralegal Program. Carrie interned for FWI Legal as part of her school program. However, Carrie did such an outstanding job during her internship that FWI Legal gave her a permanent position as an employee.

Carrie grew up in beautiful Golden, Colorado; her family has lived in Colorado for four generations! Growing up in Colorado, Carrie grew to love the beautiful scenery this state has to offer. She always caught glimpses of wildlife at school, friends’ houses, and even in her own backyard. Carrie now lives in Westminster with her cat Missy May. Carrie and Missy May enjoy sitting on the porch when the weather is nice and enjoying the Colorado air.

Carrie Richardson Records Paralegal and catGrowing up, Carrie often thought about the career that would suit her best. At first, Carrie thought the medical field was the way to go and worked as a phlebotomist; however, she then thought her calling may be teaching or even psychiatry. She knew she wanted to help people to live their best lives in a world that is not always the most kind. She empathizes deeply with people and wants to make sure everyone is living a happy and comfortable life.

Carrie realized when you are hurt, you really need someone looking out for your best interests, and she decided to register for the paralegal studies program at Front Range Community College. As Carrie progressed through her academic program, she realized how much she enjoyed legal research and how interesting the legal field truly is, with all of its facets to explore.

Carrie has now been able to combine her love for the medical field with her passion for helping people and has found her home at FWI Legal working with injured people and injured workers. Carrie loves to learn and is always looking for more opportunities to continue learning. She always strives to be the best she can. She finds communicating with clients makes her the happiest at work, because she can socialize with many diverse people, hear how they are doing, and assist them with their medical records, questions, and concerns, which is especially nice when they start to feel better! It always brightens Carrie’s day to hear good news from clients or help them through difficult challenges. Carrie excels in customer service at FWI Legal.

In her free time, Carrie enjoys playing strategy games, reading about history and philosophy, and creating art. She finds her favorite media to be painting and spends much of her time painting portraits and surrealist types of works. Carrie loves philosophy and the various ways something can be thought of. One of Carrie’s favorite strategy games is Warhammer, as she loves the lore and storytelling, along with all of the battle strategy.

Q & A to Carrie:

1. What made you decide to become a legal assistant?

When looking through career options, I knew I wanted to be helpful to people in some way. I have always been detail oriented and wanted to use that in my career. I decided I wanted to learn more about the legal field because so many fields require strict attention to detail, which is where I excel. Also, being a paralegal offers endless opportunities to continue learning about the legal field.

2. What made you decide to work for FWI Legal?

When I first looked at FWI Legal’s website, I watched an interview with the attorneys that they had given on a local news station. Everyone seemed like they truly care about what they are doing and about making their clients comfortable. I wanted to work for a company that I was able to grow with and FWI Legal provides just that. Being at FWI Legal feels like home!

3. What do you love about Colorado?

For me Colorado has always been home. I love the environment and all the lovely scenery that comes with living in this beautiful state. I love the diversity in people in Colorado and all the cool little towns to visit. Being able to explore the outdoor landscapes continues to take my breath away each day.

Carrie Richardson Records Paralegal and Cat FWI

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